July 7, 2006

Things are a bit crazy, and there is a lot going on.  In addition to it all - Chris wants me to write the log because he was too "busy".  So here is a quick one.

I made another attempt to build a rapport with the pressure cooker last night.  It went much more quickly but not completely without a hitch...a lovely burnt layer coated the bottom of the pan when I unlocked the lid and peered inside.  I choose to think of it as adding a smoky flavor to the dish but it took more than a little elbow grease to remove (definitely not a goal for the future).  I went for Acapulco Chicken with rice this time - orange, coconut and other spices.  Not bad but I will keep working on my technique - maybe the third time will be the charm.

Our apartment is getting more and more empty of boxes as we get all of the equipment ordered over the winter and stored in the bathroom, corners of the bedroom, nooks and crannies everywhere (I have a list of items stashed so that we do not forget something) moved onto the boat for installation.  The HAM/SSB was the most recent transplant and Chris's next installation project.  I am madly trying to learn morse code so that I can keep advancing in HAM levels...no easy task...ugh!  But the outcome would be good - allowing us additional means of communication...even from the middle of the ocean.

Looks like good weather for this weekend so we can do boat projects at the dock.  I am hoping to get to an art store in order to buy paints; fabric type used when making country courtesy flags and acrylic type used to make a drawing on the dinghy engine cover (and maybe the kayak, too).  After much thought and searching we have decided on a pelican with a sombrero (nice nod to Popotla, too).  We are feeling on track regarding dollar budget and time schedule but the "pressure" of Sept 1 (now less than 9 weeks away) is starting to weigh on us.  We will keep chugging ahead!!