Shakedown cruise – 8/1/2006

We have started the shakedown cruise after three jam packed days of final boat projects. Luckily all was completed… just barely under the wire. However, tools and odd bolts, plastic ties and solder wire are still on display until a little more energy can be mustered to put them away.

The scuba equipment arrived, the final cockpit cushion pieces arrived and the final three parts for the bowsprit arrived. Chris was madly drilling and tapping all the bolts into place as I lent moral support in the 117 degree F day (isn’t it supposed to be cooler on the water?). We loaded the bikes, stored the provisions and secured all that we could and headed for Cuttyhunk at Noon. Departure was sweet and we were bushed – we alternated napping on the way.

We motored to Cuttyhunk and arrived just before sunset. A quick turn and two anchor attempts later it was clear that we would not fit inside the packed inner harbor and instead picked up a mooring in the outer harbor. We had just enough energy left to have a cocktail with a bit of cheese and cowboy caviar (bean dip with jalapenos, cilantro and tabasco) – boy did it hit the spot.

A cup of coffee and an early departure had us on the way to Martha’s Vineyard. Chris fried up three bagels for breakfast (I guess the appetizer dinner left a quick need for morning food). We used our plotted route already loaded and even got to sail for a bulk of the distance…no, not with the new bowsprit quite yet….later. We moored in Edgartown and settled into our spot for a few days of vacation. It is really nice to be in one place for more than a single night.

Edgartown – 8/3/2006

We headed into town and wandered the charming streets with all the summer visitors. Well, the ice cream store, thrift shop and hardware store were our shopping destinations. Cool peach and coffee ice cream made a great lunch at Scoops – no, not the two flavors together. The thrift store did not have any books we felt like hauling back to the boat…but maybe next time. At the hardware store – we oohed and awed and then got down to our list; replace a tap lost in the hurried bowsprit installation (and still in the crossbeam), two chair leg stoppers to take the sharp edge off of the kayak rack…and who doesn’t need another scraper for scraping barnacles off of the hull?!

The dinghy has been solid and all the fits and starts earlier in the season seem to be in the past. We are starting to come alive again and have started small boat projects like Erin applying never dull to odds and ends (yes, the sparkle is a nice reward) and Chris broke out the scuba equipment and scraped the hull…was that anti-fouling paint on the hull or barnacle attractant?!

That is it for now but we are excited to still have a couple of more nights to see friends and continue our shakedown activities. The water maker is at the top of the list. Chris tried to flip the switch - it seems power is at the electric panel but not at the water maker…more sleuthing for another day. Now, it is time for a little fried fish and chips…and a pina colada.