Progress in Beaufort, SC: Nov 16 2006

Well, we have not moved South but boy are we making progress on the boat...and seeing the area, too.  We started the weekend with an afternoon trip to Savannah with some friends who drove all the way from Atlanta to spend a couple of days with us.  Savannah was another beautiful Southern city - lovely antebellum architecture and sweeping Spanish moss.  There is a great street along the river (River Street...go figure) which is rehabbed old, brick cotton warehouses.  Chris had flashbacks of a St Patrick's day years ago and we had a beer to honor the return.  Bill and Judy were wonderful to have aboard and we had tons of fun catching up.  One night with sundowners and after the sun had gone down we heard a blow hole/spouting sound.  It looked like a leisurely dolphin...but maybe a manatee?!  Who knows, we never did get a good look at it.

We continued at anchor after Bill and Judy left but then moved to the Marina in order to get work done and be snug during a storm that will be passing through.  Organization has been taken to a whole new level.  No more "misc this and that" or "spares" but real organization; generator/dinghy engine parts box, diesel engine parts box and watermaker parts box (all under the guest bed).  Also, we installed a stereo (finally replacing the one stolen last winter), hooked up a printer and got several more tie-downs in place.  There is more to do but gosh does this progress feel good. 


Of course we have also found time to sample local cuisine.  The breakfasts are marvelous at the Beaufort Inn - fried green tomatoes with creole/hollandaise sauce and fresh biscuits as soon as you sit down.  Another gem was Sgt White's BBQ.  The amazing smell of BBQ hits you before you even walk in the door.  They close by 5:30pm so we made a late lunch/early dinner of it.  We had a meat with two sides, cornbread and sweet tea or lemonade for $7.69.  Holy cow was it good; mixed BBQ, mac and cheese, okra gumbo (for Erin) and sweet potato (for Chris).


The Post Office knows us by sight at this point and we have successfully picked up all of our packages.  Although, UPS was a bit troublesome - seems they cannot understand the concept of general delivery to the post office (amazingly the four other shippers had no problem with the idea).  After many calls and (Erins) raised blood pressure we finally got an address (but no phone number) where our package was being held (approx 6 miles away).  We borrowed the "marina car" (what a lifesaver) for the allotted hour and scooted off to get the package.  Phew - all accounted for.  The UPS package was our cruising guides to the Bahamas - definitely needed!  In addition to our tasks we have also taken time to walk through Beaufort.  It is a grand city with beautiful homes - many with double porches and gas lamps.  The old oaks and Spanish moss glisten beautifully as the sun shines through the branches.  There are lovely views out to the river and open space scattered evenly.  It is a very calming place.  Please visit if you have the chance.

The storm passed during the night (11/15) and was as active as predicted - strong winds (consistently 30 kts but some gusts were clocked at 65 kts - blah - very happy to be on the dock), rain and thunder & lightening.  We are now awaiting a nice weather window to head to Florida...probably Saint Augustine and then Lake Worth.  Both are overnight sails so we will happily wait for calm days.  Then it is off to the Bahamas!!  Thanksgiving will probably be in Florida but Christmas in the Bahamas...or at least that is the plan at the moment...but we will see if Mother Nature agrees.