This itinerary is a brief, proposed outline of what we have in mind for the next four years. The dates are based primarily on weather patterns (avoiding hurricane seasons and benefiting from favorable winds). The dates give us flexibility to spend more time in places we like and less time in places we donítÖas determined by either us or Mother Nature.  We originally didn't want to put any dates on paper (other than Hurricane Zones ... i.e. when NOT to be places) but that didn't seem to sit well with most people so here is an attempt at our approximate schedule.  Remember:  We are going around the world at a walking pace.  If we are not where we are "supposed" to be - we can only change our location at 6 miles an hour.

Starting this September (2006) we will sail down the east coast of the US from RI, mostly hanging out in the Intercoastal waterway (Chris - which my Grandfather helped to build!).

We will then head offshore (Nov 15th or so) after hurricane season looks to have subsided and arrive in St. John. We will continue down the windward islands until late Feb, when we will take a right and head towards the Panama Canal which we hope to transit by early May.

Mid to Late November 2006

In Late Februray 2007, we hope to be getting near the Panama Canal, which we will transit on our way to the Galapagos Islands (March 2007).  After a few weeks in the Galapagos, we are off to the Marquesas (late April 2007) and the start of the famous "Milk Run" through the South Pacific Island towards Australia.  To put it all in context here is a larger picture of RI through the Galapagos ...

December 2007: :

After drifting through the South Pacific Islands, including French Polynesia, American Samoa, Fiji, etc, we head to Australia for boat work and to explore Australia and New Zealand. Our goal is to get to Australia before the Hurricane Season in the South Pacific (Dec 1, 2007) We will have to wait out 4 months of Hurricane season here.

In May of 2008, we then head off to Indonesia, Borneo, Thailand (By Dec 1st 2008 for the Kings Cup Sailing Races!!), Sri Lanka, the Maldive Islands and the dreaded Gulf of Oman and the Red Sea.

In May of 2009, we will transit the Suez Canal, hit the coast of Turkey, Greece, Croatian Coast and all things Mediterreanean over the Summer.

Probably around late Sept 2009, we will make the strait of Gibralter and head for the Azores or the Canary Islands on our way to a January 2010 return to the Carribean!!