Livin’ Large in the Bahamas: March 13 2015

Down the New River we went with a little bit of current in our face to help with bridge openings.  Luckily, a mega-yacht was being towed at the same time right in front of us – nice to have a mule.  Mega yachts do not even attempt to navigate the narrow river and tight turns.  Instead, they have a tow boat in front and behind.  It is a tricky operation.  The tow drivers called and quickly received bridge openings and we happily rode on their coat tails.  The crossing to Bimini was positively benign as we went over the Gulf Stream (Mar 6).  However, no swimming off the boat because we saw dozens of man o’ war jellyfish floating on the water’s surface with stinging tentacles dangling below.


But no time to rest on our laurels because guests were coming and we needed to get south.  We were checked into the Bahamas with our boat cruising permit, our stamped passports and a fishing permit.  So long Bimini Blue Water Marina – wish we could stay longer (Mar 7).  It looked like we could squeak south with overnight driving during a short weather window.  Drat!  Strong winds dipped further south than expected and we got our butts kicked.  But there is no stopping - past Chub Cay, through the tongue of the ocean and into Nassau was a very uncomfortable ride (Mar 8).  Things fell from everywhere…including potatoes, onions and garlic off the sink and rolling around on the floor.  No need to pick them up – once fallen, they cannot fall again.


We were emotionally exhausted as the sun rose.  New creeks and groans kept us anxious and on edge throughout the black night…it’s all a learning process with a new vessel.  We poked our heads beyond Nassau and onto the Yellow Banks.  All looked good so we continued to Shroud Cay after dancing between the coral head bommies (Mar 8).  It was a long day and night but it felt fantastic to have the hook down and nicely buried in the Bahamian sand.  The day came to an end and we anchored in ten feet of water so clear that we could see the ripples in the sand below.  We jumped into the water and exuberantly splashed around at our current location.  Yippee!  Lots of miles under the keel with just a few more to go.


The next day we kept moving in order to get as far south as possible.  Our friends were coming into George Town but the winds would not let us get any further than Staniel Cay.  We anchored in Big Majors off of swimming pig beach (Mar 9).  Excited to catch our breath we will wait here for our guests…and slowly put things back together from all the bouncing seas on the passage.