Christmas in Boston: December 3 2014

We closed up the boat and returned to Boston (Dec 3).  We will finalize paper work at home before returning for a winter of cruising Florida and the Bahamas.  It is nice to be on the water again to use the cruiser knowledge that has been dormant for too long; however, we miss our globe girdling cruiser pack. There were a few picture frames already mounted in the boat so Erin swapped out the previous owner’s nautical photos for ours.  One photo group that was a must was the day of frisbee and shells on the beach in Tonga shared with Jason & Ems and Bobby & Suzi - such a magical time.


Christmas and New Year’s was a swirl of food and fun especially with Erin’s parent’s visiting from Los Angeles.  Family and friend gatherings popped up all around Boston for us.  We ate and ate and ate.  Even got a popover tutorial from Mom Nancy – delicious!  There was smoked salmon made on our balcony, beef tenderloin with roasted potatoes, sweet monkey bread beside savory chile rellenos casserole and homemade toffee passed to all we met.  It is as if we will be departing to parts unknown rather than simply to Florida.


The calendar moved along and again we were saying goodbyes.  Change is inevitable but it is hard to leave our nicely established Boston friends and routines…but we are hoping for visitors in the islands (hint, hint).